Leiden Time Lapse

This incredible video is the work of Arne Wossink

I have lived in Leiden now for 4 months and I honestly couldn’t be happier with the choice I made to come and do my first university exchange here in The Netherlands. The first time I set foot in Leiden it was a Friday morning around 9 o’clock. I was weighed down by more then 30kg of luggage strapped to my body, it was pouring with rain, I was over heated and drenched all at the same time and I had no idea where I was going. I went to the wrong place, got lost, took the most indirect route to my apartment building, didn’t know how to open my door and just having an exhausting first morning. Overall I just felt a little overwhelmed and out of my depth – but just for just a few minutes.

I remember one moment though when I stopped and caught my breath…not because I was tired, but because the sight of the Stedelijk Molenmuseum de Valk windmill, as I glanced left walking over the bridge from the station and visitors information centre, literally made me catch my breath! I hadn’t been to the Netherlands before and within minutes I knew I had made an incredible choice. I fell in love at once, my eyes never tiring from the picturesque facades and landmarks. To my great appreciation I have never grown tired of just gazing around Leiden with eyes as fresh as those I had on my first day. I have never grown tired of its beauty, like a local who doesn’t know to appreciate it. This time lapse literally encapsulates how I feel about Leiden. It reminds me of all I have done, learnt and feel as well as simply provoking sentiments of my everyday life in this gorgeous little city.

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