A 19-year-old from Melbourne, Australia who was very eager to get off the island.

Hi! My name is Bianca and this blog is now going to be the place where I share my love of traveling,  photo addiction, multiple stories, utter ramblings and revelations I stumble across on the way, as well as tips, tricks and advice I have learned from my years of seeing and exploring.

I started traveling before I could walk with my first overseas trip to Canada when I was just 13 months old…it’s true I can’t remember much of it but the photos of me in a red snowsuit playing in the snow are enough to make me acknowledge that this counts. *the rule is, by my definition – to say you’ve been to a country you must have 1. Left the airport, 2. Had a meal or stayed a night, 3. Driven from one side of a country to the other, whilst awake and taking in the scenery, getting out of the vehicle at least once.* Now that we have cleared that up I’m sorry to say your 3-hour layover in KL does not mean you have been to Malaysia. By this rule, I have now traveled to 32 countries in my 19 years and been privileged enough to call three of these countries home.

Having grown up in Australia as the first generation to an English mother and second generation to an Australian born Italian father I can willingly acknowledge that I never felt a strong connection to Australia. I always knew that one day I would take off and see what the world had to offer, and where I really belonged or fit into it. It’s funny, through all my travels my attitude towards my relationship with Australia never changed, that is until I finally did leave without any prospect of a quick return, that was in June this year.


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