Bringing Little Miss Brunch to from Melbourne she flies

Bringing Little Miss Brunch to the nested home of from Melbourne she flies.
As part of my renewed lifestyle living in Melbourne a large part has been discovering and enjoying aspects of the city that are unique. Melbourne has a culture unlike any other city I have travelled to. I strongly believe there are many deserving reasons that it has been named the world’s most liveable city 5 years in a row. I’m lucky enough to call this city home and longingly brought myself back here in February a lot sooner than expected.
My favourite things about Melbourne are the diversity spanning from one side of the city to another, the artistic flare and wealth of creative imagination that pops up and develops into intuitive and booming business ventures, the cafe culture, the coffee and the view.
Within all of this I decided to launch little miss brunch as a photographic diary and foodie adventure around the best cafes the city has to offer. I will therefore be bringing full reviews of these cafes and most likely a few restaurants as well which have caught my eye by way of the foodie scene. Blogs will not necessarily be posted following any particular photo on little miss’ Instagram account as she thinks it’s necessary to properly try multiple items on the menu and get a real feel for a place before giving a full review.

I’m very excited to bring these two realms; travel and life in Melbourne, together at the heart of this story.

Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come. For more head on over to @littlemissbrunch

IMG_1628 IMG_2432 IMG_3307 IMG_3192  IMG_0675 IMG_3958

Any and all suggestions & recommendations welcome!

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