I’ve been busy. Distracted. Lost. Finding myself in glimpses, like breaking the surface of water that otherwise consumes me. It’s been a full on year. It’s been exhausting and I’m so ready for it to finally stop when uni finishes in two weeks.

I came back to this Melbourne life with secret ambition and desire. With hopes so powerful that they pulled me across the world and drove my decisions. For the most part it has been everything I wanted and so much more.

I’m now in a place that I never imagined I would find myself. It’s self empowering, terrifying and exciting.

I’ve been meaning to write here for days…, weeks…, months.

But always set it aside in place of something that I’ve deemed more important at the time. This semester I’ve been busy and pretty poor with my time and priorities and I’ve lost sight of things that keep ME sane.

I’m looking forward to picking myself back up soon. Picking up where I left off and getting back on track in a direction that I love, with an outlook and perspective that as usual encompasses the knowledge also recently gained.

It’s always about progress. Progress is power and wisdom and insight.

It’s not big words with deep meanings, but the journey and realisations that are embodied within the syllables and that hang in the letters.

Going forward into summer I’m excited.

I have perspective and I know that even when things get cloudy and I feel swamped I know I can find a way through.

My Melbourne life.

I moved out. I appreciate fantastic food. I’m healthy and getting healthier by the day and week, morning surprise by morning surprise. I realised I’m not a gym person, but much prefer the outdoors and saving those dollars for a worthier cost opportunity. I got a new job and I’m still in love with the old one. I’m excited to get the opportunity to breathe and have proper, actual time off in Melbourne, Australia. Something that I haven’t had for what seems like a very very long time.

Since I came home in February I haven’t stopped. Granted there were slow periods but looking back I never really stopped long enough to consider it enough. I left again after only 4 months when I was still barely settled. The month that followed was intense & full on, which overflowed into the following semester. Midway I began breathing again and panting my way towards the finish line that I’ve now begun the homestretch towards. November 12th is my finish line. That is when my university semester finishes and I can sit back and enjoy. I can read the books and articles that have been piling up. I can spend un-guilty time in the sunshine. I can relax. Sleep-in.

Along with my recently directed obsession with Melbourne’s brunch scene I’ve developed a love of fullstops. Which I use often. I consider them clean. Finished. To the point. There’s charm in the way they finish a a line. Or break it apart.

This wasn’t a rant, it was a detox. Preparation for what’s to come and the dedication method that I wish & am hoping to take over the summer. Be prepared for me to pick a place and write about it. I want to spend time in memories sharing individual ones on this space for both your benefit and my own. This blog is my folio and the lack of posts is occasionally attributed to my perfectionist nature and not wanting to post anything without being absolutely sure that I’m satisfied with the final product.

This blog post is no such case, and some of my more frequent readers might recognise this difference. But know this. This is a personal refresh to remind myself more than anything that I am capable of getting myself back on track and that this is my outlet. Somewhere that I love to express and explore.

I love the life I live and the places I’ve been and I can’t wait to continue to write about those in my own personal way. So bare with me as I gradually pick places and fill up this blog with stories of the journey that I haven’t quite had the time to do justice. And secondly, most recently and excitingly, my recent escapades living the life I returned to Melbourne to live, having moved out of the house that I grew up in and continuing in this direction that I’ve been imperfectly but constantly forging for sometime now.

I’m growing and succeeding. It just takes me some time to realise it and hindsight is ever so charming when I start by writing it here.

The best is yet to come so please stay close.


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