Sleeping in a Cave in Cappadocia

If the lure of the most famous balloon ride in the world wasn’t enough Cappadocia sure has a lot more to offer! This beautiful city is full of extraordinary wonders that are sure to make every aspect of your visit memorable. This extends to the accommodation! What I didn’t know before going to Cappadocia – and I’m sure a lot of other people are equally unaware of – whilst in Cappadocia the most likely accommodation you will stay in is a Cave Hotel. Each of the rooms is in itself a cave, made inhabitable with floorboards laid with Turkish carpets in the bedrooms and tiles in the bathroom. The ceiling and walls are all simply stone, cold and undefined yet majestically authentic.

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The hotel I stayed in was an incredible building with rooms situated in various positions. There were rooms cut into the cave on the ground level opening onto the pool side terrace. Then there were rooms up high in the cave accessible by winding staircases, carpet laid corridors, cosy corners and tucked away nooks. The various levels of stairs, small cave corridors and landing spaces makes you feel like you’re climbing through a cave, constantly exploring on the way up to your room. It is truly incredible!



Aside from the incredible building the terrace was exquisite. Beside the cave the building cut out onto a large pool with stone floor deck, lounge beds and tables and chairs. Beyond this down a short flight of stairs came the garden, a lush green area with tables and chairs at the fore front and a cosy couch and arm chairs with a centred table under a cosy canopy to one side.

To top off the already incredible complex every morning a buffet breakfast is served on the terrace and by evening guests are treated to a turkish BBQ for dinner.

Photo credit due to Rowena Lyrijis and Rowland Young. Thank you both.

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