Staying in a Tree House in Olympos

One of the best parts about going on a tour is that you are nearly always guaranteed to stay in really cool and quirky places and // or somewhere down right amazing that you wouldn’t otherwise have known about, or had access to. Well my stay in Olympos was one of these very occasions. I was on a Bus About tour from Fethiye > Olympos >> on the way to Cappadocia > Ankara and winding up in Istanbul! The tour itself was fantastic and I strongly recommend it, but wait until you get a look at this!


When I was a kid my sister and I had a cubby house. It was elevated off the ground and it was the coolest thing! We spent hours in it, but it fell short in two aspects. Number 1. it wasn’t up in a tree & Number 2. it was not equipped for sleeping in.

So you can imagine my excitement at the opportunity to spend a couple of nights in an actual tree house!! This was not only a child hood dream, but an ever increasing adventurous travellers idea of an awesome thing to do!

The hotel // accommodation was a complex of tree houses, and rooms, both ground level and up in the air, air conditioned and exposed to nature with wooden shutters and glassless windows. As per the tour we were assigned to stay up in the loft tree houses, in store for the real experience completely exposed to nature. It was possible to upgrade to a room with an air conditioner, which quite a few chose to do, but personally I was far too excited by the prospect of my night in a legitimate tree house to let the stickiness of the warm weather bother me!

To get up to the tree house I was lucky enough to be able to simply climb up the creaky wooden staircase (rest assured it was stable enough and completely safe!) with my pack strapped to my back. Those with suitcases…especially heavy ones were not so lucky. It was possible but a little more – okay A LOT more – awkward to carry up such luggage into the tree house.

Inside the tree house were two sets of bunks and a single bed right beneath the window. I was lucky enough to get the bed beside the window and can safely say the view was beautifully tranquil. I looked out over the rest of the complex nestled in-between tall foliage covered hills on either side that made us feel like we were right in the heart of the jungle, whilst at the bottom of a valley.


Sleeping with the window open I fell asleep to the sound of the breeze rustling slowly past and moonlight streaming in. I could literally see the night sky from where I lay tucked in bed looking out the glassless window of my treehouse.

This is to this date one of the coolest places I have ever stayed in!

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