Perhaps solitude is getting to me, or maybe I’m just grateful.


It might sound crazy but I thank a place …yes, out loud!

I can’t recall the number of times I have literally said “Thanks Leiden” when I find myself overwhelmed and blown away by it. The fact that this STILL happens even after having lived here for six months evidently makes it pretty extraordinary. I don’t know what it is but I just can’t help it. Maybe it’s needing to say it out loud because I’m afraid that if I keep it to myself the place won’t know I appreciate it, or know how grateful I feel and how lucky I know I am to be there – okay now I know I really sound insane.

But perhaps it’s the fact that apart from asking the odd stranger to take a photo of me somewhere, I’m lacking human interaction or just someone I can turn to and say “WOW it’s beautiful isn’t it”, or “Look at this!” Someone I can voice my amazement and excitement to because I need an outlet. So instead I say it out loud to the place. Yes I know some people – especially passers by – will most likely worry for my sanity, wondering who the crazy girl talking to herself is. But for me it keeps me sane and content!

So thanks (enter city name).

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