An obstacle isn’t an excuse to stop, it’s an opportunity to be proud of yourself and see it as a stepping stone when you’re on the other side. Sometimes stopping is not an option. When you’re alone and there’s nothing else to be done you have no one to rely on but yourself. No one to turn to when the going gets tough.

If you want something enough you will find a way to overcome the obstacles in your way and see them as opportunities to grow and be worthy once you reach your goal. An obstacle is a wall the mind puts up when something gets hard. There’s a point when you make a choice to push on through or say something is too hard. You push yourself through things you wouldn’t usually push through because you have no one else to turn to, there is no other way. You find a way because that’s all you can do and it feels so rewarding on the other side. It’s a side most people will never experience because today we aren’t challenged to work for something or stick something out and ride the waves until they result in a quiet calm.

We instead turn to someone else or throw in the towel and look for an alternative option when things get too hard. It might take being alone, stuck and out of your depth to realise that if you hang on and ride it out just a little bit longer, or rely on yourself to find a way you will be able to stand up on your own two feet, unaided by anyone or anything and be proud of yourself for that. That’s an incredible feeling far beyond the reaches of independence. A feeling that can barely be described. So all I can say is go, fly. Don’t be scared of falling because if you trust yourself and push on you will surprise yourself to discover what you are capable of. There is nothing quite like the quiet after the storm or the relief of feeling comfortable, safe and content once more. Especially when accompanied by the memory of how you got yourself there and who you are once you arrive. More prepared for the next challenge, stronger, braver and wiser. More confident and comfortable with yourself.

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