The Poems of Leiden

Leiden is unique and charming in so many ways but something that sets it apart even further is the poems. Poetry written in lots of different language to ever embrace the international vibe omnipresent in the university city. You see them everywhere! On the sides of buildings, down narrow streets, in hidden gardens, inside a book store on a main road or just on walls as you pass by. It’s common to stumble upon them and you always know of those ones you pass all the time during your day to day lives. But what I didn’t realise was just how many of them there are in places not so obvious. Over the last couple of days I went on a mission to find and photograph as many as I could find within the old city walls! It was even more rewarding that I expected because I explored parts of Leiden that I never even knew existed! It’s always really rewarding when you find the poems you can read, but ever exciting to learn to read some of the others.
P1070069P1070058 P1070062 P1070064P1070073 P1070075 P1070087 P1070088 P1070089 P1070090 P1070092 P1070093P1070096P1070098 P1070103P1070105P1070107 P1070119 P1070120 P1070121 P1070130 P1070131 P1070132 P1070133P1070136P1070137P1070138P1070142P1070143P1070145P1070149P1070150 P1070151 P1070152 P1070154 P1070156 P1070158P1070159 P1070163P1070164P1070165

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