Paris To Do’s

Paris has the big shots that EVERYBODY knows about but list is a little more extensive branching out to a few more possibilities. In no particular order and definitely not an exhausted list:

  1. Eiffel Tower – Climb me, walk under me, explore the gardens and river bank view around me.
  2. Arc de Triomphe – Descend beneath the worlds craziest round about to reach me. Home to the grave of the unknown soldier. Climb me for an incredible view (+18 without supervision).
  3. Champs-Élysées – Famous shopping street
  4. Notre Dame 
  5. The Louvre – Make a reservation or get there early! The ques are insane!   
  6. Moulin Rouge – Go see a show or just stop by.
  7. Sacre Coeur – Cathedral with a phenomenal view! Right next to our next stop>
  8. Monte Martre – Famous sketch artist district.    
  9. Ladurée – Best macaroons in the world!
  10. Tuileries Palace
  11. Galeries Lafayette – Incredible department store. At christmas sported an inside down christmas tree.  
  12. Les Passages – French alleyway shopping streets filled with boutiques, patisseries, collectors stores, restaurants and other specialised stores.
  13. Louis Vuitton Fondation – Space funded by Louis Vuitton. The museum building is an architectural masterpiece thematically designed on the French motto voyages.
  14. Bastille – Former site of the Bastille which was the fortress of defence and iconic symbol of the Ancien Régime but was torn down by the sans culottes during the revolution. -> The reason for Bastille Day.
  15. Train hop and wander! – self explanatory just explore mapless!!
  16. Versailles – Chateau/Palace, former residence of the royal family. Buildings and gardens. 
  17. Euro Disney – Europe’s Disneyland

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