I have time. I am very young with my life ahead of me, and I am still finding who I am. The fact that I have learnt so much and become open to new ideas and things I might not previously have been interested in or even known about shows me that I am still finding myself.

For me I know that I am still finding, not who I want to be, but who I am.

I have also developed a more thorough appreciation and understanding that on so many levels everybody is different, and generalizing and stipulating can be unfair. Some people might know who they are at a certain age or stage in their life, while other people with different views and opinions might consider themselves to still be finding themselves.

Just because we are still finding ourselves does not mean we are lost.

There’s a phrase I’ve heard that says ‘not all who wander are lost’. No, we are just traveling in a chosen direction potentially unsure of what we will find on the way or how we will emerge on the other side.P1060599

People go on these adventures at many ages. There is no right or wrong time to do this. Some leave straight after high school, others defer from university, some graduate from university and then go and travel, and for others they might wait until after they have worked for a while and now have more money before traveling. It is never too late to decide to just go later on. No it is never too late, but it does become more difficult and things can get in the way, tangling one up making it very difficult or impossible to leave. It can be very easy to get swept into the current of society following the tide from school – high school – university – work – relationship – marriage – kids – etc… Responsibilities, priorities and relationships can make choosing the right time to leave exceedingly difficult. Even when you think you’ve found the right time something unexpected might pop up right before departure.

But it’s about choices. Everyone is different.

For some people extended period travel or soul searching may not even be on their cards. I know people who have very different priorities in life or have ordered their priorities differently to myself. But to those of us who do have the aspiration to fly and wander, getting lost only to find ourselves, well the opportunity is always there, it can just be more difficult to take at certain times as opposed to other times. That choice as well as all others are up to you.

You just have to have the courage to take it!DSCF1532

It’s okay to let yourself get inspired, just be careful about where the influence comes from.

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