Don’t laugh…my new best travel friend The Selfie Stick!

Rome and Florence were full of street vendors and although I initially avoided them like the plague I increasingly became tired and frustrated, fighting my nerves and desire to repeatedly ask people to take my photo. What’s worse, is if I didn’t like the photo this stranger took of me I would have no choice but to smile, and accept it after maybe the second attempt. Then I would either be resolved to give up, moving onto the next place I wanted to see, without a satisfied photo, or continue standing around waiting for someone else that I could ask, once the previous stranger had walked out of sight.

So when a vendor with a tripod as well as the stick caught my eye I did the most dangerous thing possible, I stopped and engaged him in conversation asking how much it cost $$$! With my well trained bartering skills (thanks mum) I managed to secure a fantastic price for the tripod, stick, iPhone holder and Bluetooth button, after insisting that he show me how I could use it for my camera as well. Feeling like a ridiculous tourist I was happy, thrilled in fact and spent the rest of the day testing it out!

P1060756 P1060226DSCF3489P1060190

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