Best gelato in Florence!

When a local offers to show you where to go for the best gelato in town you don’t hesitate you just follow (if they’re creepy then exceptions can be made of course!). But be careful not to judge too quickly or you may miss out of a fantastic opportunity to meet someone knew, engage in great conversation and get a little local advice. Especially when that local is the boyfriend of the girl you are having dinner with, sharing a delicious bottle of red with and met an hour and a half ago in your hostel.

After half a 4 cheese pizza and half a bottle of Terramia Chianti Classico we were set on getting some gelato – I as the translating opportunity between my new friend and her Florentine boyfriend >they somehow managed an impressive combination of a little Italian, Spanish and English, I think during dinner we decided to call it “Spanglitalian”, plus the help of an iPhone translator, as neither of them actually spoke the same language, safe to say I was impressed < it was my job to ask Marco if Piper and I could grab gelato before parting ways and me leaving them to their date which I somewhat delayed. He happily agreed insisting that we go to a certain gelateria and boy was I in for a treat!

It is fair to say that I have tried my fair share of gelato and ice cream, so the fact that I can easily say that this is the best gelato that I have ever had in my life is saying a lot!

The winner??? Gelateria dei Neri


For other suggestions and a more extensive list to explore Florence’s many gelato options Click Here <

Buon Appetito!

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