Frames of the East

The East Side Gallery is a strip of what remains of the Berlin Wall. Each frame tells a different story, painted by an artist who has taken this opportunity to make their own contribution to the wall. Their inspiration explores similar themes; freedom, entrapment, restriction, the power of man, nature, global progression and the direction of life. No answer or interpretation as to the significance or intended meaning of any frame is incorrect. Instead the artists have made choices provoking certain emotions enabling each of us to interpret, appreciate and view each frame in a way that is unique to us.

These were some of the frames that stood out to me. Some have words that relay their intention and tell their story whilst others appeal through other means. I could tell you why they appealed to me, but its more of a feeling than anything that can be verbalised. Instead I’ll place them here and let them speak for themselves, see how you connect with them.

P1030720P1030714P1030715P1030724P1030723P1030722 P1030728 P1030721    P1030729 P1030726P1030719P1030742 P1030744P1030738

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