Forks and the Memory of a Tea Cup

ForkNot for the first time last night the inconvenience of the limited household inventory we have as students was realised. The impromptu decision to cook dinner at my place with the girls last night meant that we forgot the usual BYO fork. There we sat in my small apartment cosily nestled on my bed, the grey chair and Em’s mattress; which was currently in the middle of my floor as we had pulled it off her loft bed and dragged it in the night before, eating pasta with a fork, a fork, a wooden spoon and a teaspoon. Our lack of utensils living as individual students was never an issue until moments like these. Why would a person need more than 1 fork? That just wasn’t necessary or cost effective for student housing. It bought back the memory of familiar nights back in Melbourne when I would stay with a friend at halls at Monash. We would take it in turns to drink tea out of the 1 mug in his inventory whilst the other would drink tea out of a bowl. I can’t help but laugh at the memory; hanging out on a monday night after he had been home for the weekend and I had picked up groceries as a favour on the way from netball. Presenting the bag to him saying “I got you something!” I pulled out the mug I had picked up grocery shopping…only for him to smile, laugh and say “Funny, I bought an extra one back with me from home.”

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